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"Horsemanship can be obtained naturally through communication, understanding and phychology versus force, fear, mechanics and intimidation" Pat Parelli


 It is our goal to help students all over the world to live their dream and reach their goals with their horses.


 Whether that goal is to safely take your horse out on a hack, to jump cross country fences, to perform high level dressage manoeuvers or to simply trailer-load your horse stress-free, we can help you to discover your horses potential and feel success with your horse - whatever your discipline.


 We love to teach, it is our passion to help people become problem solvers with their horses. We as professionals understand that every horse and human is unique and so tailor our techniques to suit every individual. We always take things at your own pace.


 We will teach you a diagnosic approach to horse training. How to read your horse, diagnose where you and your horse may need help and create a solution. 


 Parelli is first and foremost a foundation program, meaning that it gives you the principles, tools and techniques to continue in any sphere that you wish.