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The Savvy Centre

Rignall Farm Barns

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Whats Included?

  • Hay - ad lib when necessary

  • Hard Feed - from our feeding program

  • 2 standard treatments per year with Christine Roy

  • 2 standard nutritional assessments per year with Clare MacLeod

  • ​All routine foot trimming - every 6-8 weeks depending on your horses needs

  • Full care

  • 1 weeks stabling over the year in case of injury etc

  • 24/7 Turnout with access to large airy barns

  • Basic handling for young horses including haltering, leading, foot prep, respect at feeding time, etc

You also have the opportunity to upgrade your basic package to include additional training, for this we offer:


  • Foal Handling

  • Yearling skills

  • Pre saddle training

  • Starting

  • Problem solving


For our basic package the charge is £325 per month all inclusive 

To upgrade your package to include any training please get in touch