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Free Range Horses is an environment designed to meet horses mental, emotional and physical needs. Our goal is to raise and keep horses that are strong, sound, healthy and happy.  


We believe there are 5 key elements that a horses needs from their environment:


1)  Lots of space to move

2) To live in a balanced social environment (in a herd)

3) Different grounds and gradients to challenge their mind and body

4) Self selection - an opportunity to graze on lots of different plants, grasses and hedgerows

5) Complete and balanced nutrition


What Free Range horses can offer:

- Miles of track system to run on in the Summer

- Large open pastures to roam in the Winter

- Large airy barns and plenty of trees and hedgerows to use as shelter

- Nutritional needs individually catered for

- Ad lib Forage when necessary

- A balanced social environment with horses of all ages

- A team of experienced professionals working together to ensure all horses mental, emotional and physical needs are met.