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August 12th - 16th

If you are looking to understand the concepts of Natural Horsemanship on a much deeper level then this 5 day course is the one for you. Taught by 4* Parelli Professional and horse development specialist Sam Caporn and 3* Parelli Professional Sean Coleman.


Both Sam and Sean aim to help you with the following topics and concepts :

 - A deeper look at horse psychology and how it relate to the horse’s individual training.

 - Equalising all four savvies to build a solid foundation for high level horsemanship and performance
 - Positional Truth', the concept of how your using your energy, your body and your tools to be smoother and clearer around your horse.
 - The importance of correct and natural riding dynamics whether you are riding on a 'Casual Rein’ (freestyle) or on 'Concentrated Reins’ (finesse).

 - Developing a horse that not only yields to pressure but also seeks relief. This is a fundamental concept to build NEUTRAL. Neutral is the first step towards building EXUBERANCE in to horse.

 - Understanding the difference between Active, Neutral and Quit

 - How to develop a horses Emotional Fitness and Responsiveness as you continue to progress through the levels.