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Horseman's Immersion Courses

15th - 19th April

6th - 9th October

Pat Parelli has fueled a revolution to turn horse owners into Horseman, so we have developed the Horseman's Immersion Week to support students on their journeys to become better Horseman. By immersing yourself in a Savvy environment, you will discover what it takes to become a horseman.

Horseman's Immersion Courses run for four days, they will start at 9am on the day 1 and finish at approximately 5pm each day. The morning will consist of observing Sean and the team playing with their personal levels horses. We currently have six horses ranging from our yearling: Pandora to Miss Vision who is a Level 5 horse, that was gifted to Sean and Liz by Pat Parelli himself! You will also see Sean and the team playing with any horses that are in for training at the time. In the afternoons you will have group lessons working on your own personal goals and time to develop yourselves and your horses.

The cost for the Horseman's Immersion Course is £275.

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