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Meet our horses

Mr Vision

Vision was the horse that began it all for Liz. He is the reason that she looked for 'something different' and so stumbled upon Parelli. He is a 14 year old Irish Sport Horse. Vision never ceases to have everyone in fits of laughter, being a classic LBI he is the resident 'dry' comedian in the barn and due to the program he has become reliable, consistant and a great workmate. Vision is now enjoying a luxurious life of retirement, still comes in and enjoys scratches from time to time but mostly enjoys mooching about with his mate Guido.

Miss Vision

Vision (Miss Vision) is a very special girl! She was given to us by Pat Parelli and flown all the way from the USA. She was one of Pat's super horses and has been in shows, demos and clinics all over America. She is a beautiful horse with an extremely kind and willing nature. Vision is a fantastic teacher, she is Sean's main saddle horse and helps with many other horses' development. With her solid foundation and her ambitious nature she will be the first horse for us to work through levels 5, 6 and 7.


Guido is Sean's pride and joy! He says he wasn't the horse he wanted but he was the one he needed. He was a Grade A show jumper prior to Sean getting him. He is very athletic and has a tremendous amount of try. Guido has a tendency to get quite shut down but as long as Sean keeps his confidence he stays fun, exuberant and playful. He is now retired and enjoys bossing the others around in the field.


Sean bought Bolero as an unstarted 5 years old in August 2013. Sean fell in love with him because he is confident, curious and sensitive, 3 key ingredients to developing a great horse. Sean hopes Bolero will become his demo horse, saddle horse and all round work mate. He is fun, smart, athletic and ambitious. Hopefully you will see him at some of our demos and clinics this year


Liz bought Quest in June 2013 as an unstarted 3 year old. Liz then started Quest and he is turning out to be the perfect partner. He has an extremely sweet and cheeky nature and a super smart mind. He was Liz's partner for their demo tour in 2014 and for one of their New Forest Trail Riding courses - leading a group of students around the varying terain of the New Forest and proving that he is a dependable, confident partner. Liz is really excited about his future.


Rendition came to live with us in February last year, she was carrying a foal at the time which she soon gave birth to. Rendition is owned by one of Sean and Liz's clients but lives with them at the Coleman Savvy Centre. She has travelled the whole of the USA, taken part in fantastic demonstrations, been the star of DVDs and now we hope to add her to our demo team, and eventually for Sean to take her into western competition 


Pandora is Rendition's foal. She was bred in Florida by Pat's stallion: Sailing Smart, and was born at the Coleman Savvy Centre on 9th February. She is a smart, cheeky, sensitive girl with a lot of energy! She is proving a lot of fun to play with and Liz is currently working through her online education, taking it at her own pace and preserving her trust and curiosity.

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