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a course on the trail...way more than trail riding


Set in the no.1 destination for hacking in the UK, these courses are described as 'a course on the trail' this is not just a trail riding course, each day will be packed full of learning using all the natural obstacles that this beautiful place has to offer.


 Both of our Trail Riding Courses are focused around Purpose Driven Horsemanship. This is taking the principles that you practice at home and applying them in real life situations. As Pat Parelli says: “purpose driven horsemanship is the key to finding your inner savvy - its empowering to both horses and humans”

 Both courses will incorporate riding in the forest, through open space, through water and rivers, over bridges, hills and various other obstacles that the forest provides. We will be incorporating pub rides, taking in picturesque views and encountering the amazing wildlife that only the New Forest holds. If you plan to stay for more than one of these courses you will have a day off in between for you and your horse to recharge and take in all that the area has to offer.

Please note: these are trail riding courses. For both courses, horses and riders need to be fit and prepared for long hours in the saddle.

"New Forest: Intermediate"

This course is designed to build confidence for the horse and rider. Whether you are looking to gain experience as rider or whether you have a young or green horse that will benefit from some exposure to all that the forest has to offer, then this course is for you!

"New Forest: Advanced"

For 2019 this course will be taught by both Sean and Sam Caporn - 4* Parelli Professional. This course is about gaining confidence, exposure and experience, learning and progressing with your horse on the trail, in short...taking trail riding to the next level. These courses have been described as a course on the trail with the New Forest as our arena.

2018 Dates


2nd - 8th June £600


15th - 21st July £800

Had so much fun putting principles to purpose on the new forest course, Liz and Sean made sure we were all stretching out of our comfort zones to enable us to learn and progress on the trail, making sure we had the knowledge , tools techniques and strategies to stay safe and have fun. What a great time with lovely people

Tanya Bates

The New Forest Course was an amazing experience that really acted as a catalyst to develop my horsemanship and my horse's confidence. As the week progressed we built on the experiences until the whole group were able to tackle challenges confidently: crossing streams, through tunnels, riding steep slopes, hacking through open moors or dense forest. It was great to be able to deal with issues as we were having them especially those we were having them at home but instructors never got to see within normal lessons. I would thoroughly recommend this to any rider looking to take the next step.

Pat & Ashley Holt

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