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 Progress Course 25th - 27th Jan - £300

Develop the Partnership 17th - 20th May - £400

These clinics are based around teaching you to be the human your horse needs you to be.  Sean will show you how to use communication, understanding and psychology on the ground and in the saddle to develop a true Partnership with horse. 

Concepts covered:

  • Relationship vs Partnership

  • Building confidence

  • Horse psychology

  • Active, Neutral, Quit 

  • Seeking Relief

  • Natural riding dynamics

  • How to make a game out of training

The Progress Course is suitable for students playing in levels 2 - 4 

Develop the Partnership is suitable for students playing in levels 2 - 3

Both courses will be 3 days of hands on horsemanship, demonstrations and a little theory focussing on  Online, Freestyle and Liberty. Learn how to make a GAME out of connection, how to keep the 7 games progressive and fun and how to get and maintain leadership throughout all 3 savvys