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 My name is Mia Rodley, I am 18 years old and have been studying Parelli Natural Horsemanship for 5 years. My dream is to become a great Parelli Professional and help make the world a better place for horses and humans. 

 I have had horses throughout most of my childhood and a few years ago I got my horse Solo; a 17hh, 5 year old, Irish Sport Horse. He wasn't the easiest of horses in the beginning - I struggled to address a lot of his behaviour and found my confidence falling by the day, this was when I decided to book on a course at the Coleman Savvy Centre. Within the week a lot of our 'problems' had been solved and all my short term goals ticked off as well as so much more! It set me on a path to success, and I was hooked!

The moment I finished my A-Levels, I decided to follow my dreams, and I started my position as a Working Student for Liz and Sean at the Coleman Savvy Centre. I enjoy every moment that I'm there, both Solo and I have progressed so much in such a short amount of time. I have had so many amazing opportunities since I began, I get daily lessons with my own horse, as well as hands on experience with other horses and I get to spectate as many lessons as I can. The knowledge and skills I have gained are invaluable and I have no doubt that I will continue to progress, learn, and grow in my time here. I cannot thank Liz and Sean enough for helping me achieve my goals and my life's dream. 



In September 2013 my family, my 4 Freisians and I relocated from Cornwall to Northamptonshire. I had been in the Parelli program for little over a year at this point and very keen to meet fellow Parelli members in my new town. Shortly after my relocation I noticed a post that was advertising for working students to help Liz and Sean Coleman at the Coleman Savvy Centre. I applied, hoping that my age would not hinder their decision and in Feburary 2014 I received a call offering me a 2 week trial for the position starting in March.

I was able to bring one of my horses with me to progress through the levels - I chose to bring my most challenging horse; Mr T. Every day I learnt something new whether it be practical or theory

My riding skills left a lot to be desired - I didn’t know it at the time (and it took me about a year to admit it to myself) but I was very unconfident in the saddle. I was encouraged at every step and guided to be a better horseman.

I’m now entering my third year as a working student and I’m still as excited today as I was when I first got the call.  My rope skills have improved, I don’t get so tangled, and best of all I now have the confidence to ride bareback and bridleless I have submitted my L2 Online (and passed with a 2 ++) and am currently working on my freestyle.

 I couldn’t imagine not spending my days at ‘The Coleman Savvy Centre’ it has become my second home and family.  Yes, it is hard-work, the days are long and sometimes I’m soaked to the skin but I get to spend my days with horses, watch two great horseman in action and submerse myself in never ending self improvement.


 The months I spent as a working student for Liz and Sean were some of the happiest and most productive I have ever experienced in my horsemanship journey. Every day brought something new and inspiring, be it watching them with their horses, riding a different horse, or a massive break-through in a lesson. It was so wonderful to be immersed in an atmosphere in which you feel both incredibly relaxed and at home and yet that also buzzes with excitement and activity every day, and most importantly where the relationship with the horses always comes first. 

 Liz and Sean are both such amazing horsemen; watching the skill and the passion that goes into everything they do is so inspiring, and their exceptionally positive and progressive attitudes are unfaltering and infectious. On top of that, they are both such talented and thoughtful teachers. The combination of an inside-out knowledge of the Parelli program and their excellent ability to stretch you to your limit whilst still making you feel successful means that every lesson, or even the odd tip here and there, leaves you feeling excited and progressive about your horsemanship journey. Every day that I’ve spent with them, I’ve come out the other end with a full brain and a huge smile. 

 I honestly could never have enough good words to say about Liz and Sean, and the Coleman Savvy Centre. They are truly wonderful as horsemen, as teachers and as people, and I feel so, so lucky to have been their working student!

Interested in becomming aWorking Student?

Sean and Liz take on short or long-term working students year-round, if you are interested in finding out more, please get in touch